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Birthdate:Apr 3
Fandom things(no particular order):
Is currently into: Bleach, Suikoden (1-4), Legacy of Kain, Castlevania, Star Ocean 3. Am always into FF of some description and FF characters in the KH worlds. Really needing to finish a pile of games I have here (S3 & 4, SO3, TotA, LoK:BO2) and I'm currently playing BoF3 - fishing as addictive :D

Fangirls at a distance and lurks in: Code Geass, Gundam 00, Tales of the Abyss anime, Macross Frontier, Tsubasa RC. Dissidia...cos I've not got the game yet :(

Writes for: FF7, FF8, FFX, FF:AC, Suikoden 4, Legacy of Kain. Has been known to write drabbles/ ficlets for: Suikoden 1 & 2, Castlevania CoD, Fruits Basket, Bleach. Wants to write decent like fics for: Suikoden 3, Castlevania LoI, Star Ocean 3...probably more that I can’t think of right now.

Pairings that catch my attention: FF(kh): Leon/Cloud, J/B/A, S/Z/C, SxS; Turks, Cid/Vincent; SO3: C/F/A; LoK: K/R/R, J/R, V/J; Suikoden: take your pick of bish, definitely double leader S1/S2, Shu/Riou, Ted/Tir; Bleach: Kenpachi/Byakuya, Renji/Ichigo; Castlevania: Trevor/Alucard; TotA: Asch/Guy/Luke, Jade/Guy, Asch/Ginji; G00: Lasse/Setsuna/Tieria, Neil/Alle

Writing: All writing is kept under flist lock on lj until I post it to my site.

Travelish things: I’ve been to Canada, UK and USA where I’ve met quite a few of my wonderful flist peeps. Have been to Y-con threefivesix seven times now and always make new friends and come home to an expanding flist. I think I caught the travel bug.

What else do you want to know? Go read my journal I guess. Just the usual every day ramble/bitching, occasional squeeing and much love for my flist.

gnome on ij :3
local weather radar for when I'm not on and I should be...likely bad weather is keeping me offline.

Note: LoK comic icon bases from Lands of Nosgoth. Nice of them to share the wonderfulness that is Kain and Raz comic to the world.

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Irvine x Squall is Love

Interests (140):

07-ghost, abarai renji, advent children, aeons, alundra, anime, auron, avatar: the last airbender, balamb, bleach, braska, byakuya/ichigo, byakuya/renji, camus, castlevania, castlevania series, castor, chrome dokuro, cid highwind, cidxvincent, circle:clips, circle:ground zero, circle:harpy killer, cloud strife, code geass, cosplay, crawford/ken, crawford/yohji, crisis core, culgan, culsee, d. gray man, doujinshi, fanfiction, final fantasy, final fantasy 8, final fantasy 8 yaoi, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, flik, frau, galbadia, genso suikoden, gokudera hayato, gremios cooking, guardian forces, gundam 00, hakuren, hervey, hibari kyoya, hitsugaya, hyuuga, irvine, irvine kinneas, irvine/squall, janos audron, janos/raziel, jecht, jechtxauron, kain, kain/raziel, kainxrahab, kainxraziel, katekyo hitman reborn!, keneth, kenpachi, kenpachi/byakuya, kingdom hearts, konatsu, kuchiki byakuya, kurosaki ichigo, kururugi suzaku, kyou kara maou, laguna, lambo, legacy of kain, legend of dragoon, lelouch lamperouge, leon/cloud, mcdohl, mikage, miklotov, nosgoth, pesmerga, prince of tennis, ran/farfarello, raziel, reine hibiki, riou, rokudo mukuro, roleplaying, rolo lamperouge, rufus shinra, sasagawa ryohei, sawada tsunayoshi, seed, seifer, seifer/squall, senbonzakura, sephiroth, shinra, shu, sigurd, snowe, soul eater rune, soul reaver, soul reaver slash, squall, squall leonhart, star ocean 3, suikoden, suikoden 2, suikoden 3, suikoden 4, suikoden 5, suikoden series, suikoden tierkreis, sushi, tal, tales of the abyss, ted, teito, tir, tseng, tsengxrufus, tsubasa: reservoir chronicle, turks, vampire knight, vincent valentine, xanxus, yamamoto takeshi, yaoi, yuber, yuki kairi, yuki shimizu, zaraki kenpachi, ze, zell, zell.
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